RL-1-60% Sanger-type Shuttle

Space Shuttles that have a separate Lifting Body and Shuttlecraft

System Cruiser

A selection of scratchbuilt models for collectors

System Cruiser - inclusive of base


Length 53cm

Wingspan 33cm    

Below is a selection from our 'SPACE FLEET' range. Please scroll down for the full range.


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Our Rockets come ready for painting or varnishing in 4 sizes:-






Please note that as our items are hand made, sizes are approximate!

SmlSpc SmlSpc6s SmlSpc7 SmlSpc5

A line of painted 46cm Rockets, with 20cm Rockets on Transporters below

High Orbit Shuttle Galaxy Cruiser-edit

Large 21" long Space Shuttle

Large 40" long Galaxy Cruiser