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Antares Concepts  Ltd.

"Simplicity of Design"

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We DESIGN & HAND MAKE a very wide and diverse series of products out of wood. Our design ethos is towards ZERO WASTE, hence off-cuts become smaller products, as well as use of potential landfill material. ALL sawdust etc. is composted. We also utilise waste timber from sawmills where possible.

Our range at present includes:

Turned items - candle holders, coasters, bowls etc.

Coffee tables, shelves, trays, table centres, clocks

Page holders, bookmarks, pen holders

Coathooks (inclusive of our own hand made metal hooks)

Wooden jewellery

A large range of Christmas trees and other decorations

Rockets & Spacecraft

Natural shape candles, trays etc.

Our own ORIGINAL DESIGN Cat Cards (we also print them ourselves) & Cat Tea Towels


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