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Client's Pictures

Pictures sent in from our client's of their own finishing schemes.

Max & Harrison Train 2
Max & Harrison Train 1

Max and Harrison's Garden Flower Planter Train

Big Train-1
Big Train-2

A Romany/Canal Boat-style finish by Carole and her husband on one of our larger Trains

Bethan's imaginative Rocket designs, she has agreed to paint some for us to sell on an individual basis, so do please visit us to view her latest work.

Noah's Biplane-2
Noah's Biplane-1

Noah's Biplane, including a pilot that he added himself!

Rocket 4'

This has been submitted by Sean and Combie, it is one of our 4' high rockets and, as you can see, they have done a fantastic job of painting it, including the addition of Sean's name and a NASA logo! Well done to both of you.

Nikolas car2 sm
Nikolas car1 sm
Nikolas Rocket1 sm

Sophia, inspired by Nikolas, has submitted pictures of 2 work-in-progress projects that they are engaged in. The first is painting and customising one of our cars (note the carefully applied wheel trims), whilst the second is a modification of one of our rockets, into a version inspired by Tintin's Moon Rocket. We look forward to final pictures of both finished projects.

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