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Please visit our sister website for dedicated, handmade, scratch built, unique Space Craft and other items from the future, all of our own desgn.

Please note that these dates may be moved/changed/cancelled depending on the Organisers of each event.

May 25th/26th/27th 2024 - Cuckoo Spring Fair


June 8th 2024 - Ashtead Rotary Club Fair

June 21st/22nd/23rd 2024 - West's Wood Fair

June 29th - Salford Club

July 6th - Seale & Sands Village Fair

July 13th/14th - English Tools

July 21st 2024 - Smallspace

July 27 2024 - TBC


August 11th/11th 2024 - South Downs Show, Horndean


August 26th 2024 - Sutton Ecological Fair, Carshalton


Summer 2024- Leicester Sci Fi Fair, Leicester

August 31st & 1st September - Macmillan Cancer Trust

September 7th/8th 2024 - Surrey Hills Wood Fest

September 13th, 14th & 15th 2024 - Bently's Wood Fair

September 29th - Horse Riding School, Surrey

October 13th - Apple Fair


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