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NEWS !!!!!

New Painted Rocket available from local artist Bethan Williams


Bethan's latest artistry is on the theme of the Phoenix rising above a cloud-covered Earth, delicately handpainted in acrylics, and varnished to enhance the colours and give depth. This is a unique and exquisite piece for either collectors or first-time buyers. It is on a first come, first serve basis, so please either email or visit us at Merton Abbey Mills Craft Market.


Base: 45mm high, 140mm diameter

Rocket: 230mm high


£18 inclusive of Earth Base and VAT

New Items In Production!!!

Space City7
Space City10b
Space City9
Space City4


Futuristic buildings of our own design (or yours!), supplied either in 4 standard types, or custom designed by you. Made from MDF with plastic/resin detailing parts, these are supplied either ready painted or in grey primer for your own custom finish. Height approximately between 15-25cm, prices tba

Space Station
Rocket 4'
Space City-2ss
Nikolas car2 sm

Last Model has now been SOLD

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